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Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos images can vary from cute little cherubs to foreboding fallen angels.

For men, angel designs are usually found on the upper arms or chest. For women, the most common areas to find angels are the abdomen and shoulders.

More common areas include the wrists and feet.

Viewed as gifts from God, angels are believed to be a link between heaven and earth.

Angels, overall, symbolize protection. This is why most get them tattooed on their bodies. Some also use them to remember loved ones who have passed.

These memorial angels are often designed with the loved oneís face. Angel wings are also common and can be found mostly on the back. They can be done as full size in black ink and look quite extraordinary.

Some History

Angels have been used for centuries to represent a connection to a higher power.

The three major (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) religions of the world have angels in their holy text. Early Christians believed that tattoos carried spiritual penalties.

Later, the Council of Calcuth revised that policy so that if the tattoo was worn to honor God it brought spiritual rewards.

Today, angel tattoos are worn to represent protection, guidance, beauty, spirituality, or as a memorial to a lost loved one.

Different Designs

Angel can come in many shapes and sizes and represent a variety of messages and beliefs.

A common type of angel used is the guardian angel.

These angels are usually pictured with small children. Some are depicted hovering to symbolize their protective nature.

Cherubs, more commonly called cupids, symbolize love and are usually drawn with a bow and arrow. Frequently, cupids are accompanied with hearts with arrows through them and a personís name.

Archangels are the seven angels that stand with God during the revelation. These seven angels are messengers between God and mankind and represent the on-going battle of good versus evil.

They are the closest to God. Most famous of these is Michael. Michael is dressed in full body armor and wielding a sword.

Fallen angels are ordinarily pictured with dark or injured wings. They are done with darker and heavier inks to portray a more sinister look. Some are pictured with bloody swords.

Fallen angel tattoos signify a loss of faith and are favored by Goths and bikers.

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