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Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are among the most beautiful and most requested tattoo designs.

These historic symbols date back as far as the sixth century.

Originating in Great Britain and appearing in manuscripts of Scripture, the designs were copied in elegant calligraphy by monks of that period.

The monks had the responsibility of combining Pagan symbols with their Christian ones. They used these newly revised symbols to spread their religion to the Celtic people.

Even though the decorations on the manuscripts are very elaborate, the tattoos can be as complicated or simple, as the wearer desires. The tattoo artist must have an exceptional amount of skill in order to draw one of these designs.

The Celtic images consist of spirals, squares, and geometrical forms. They are more created to conceive an emotional effect on the viewer instead of a representation of art.

The Celtic Cross

One of the most sought after Celtic designs is the Celtic cross.

It is the combination of the traditional Christian cross and the Druidic emblem for the sun.

The cross is a beautiful symbol of religion. Another appealing Celtic design is the Celtic knot.

This unending display of interlacing threads symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and death, although, some wear it as a symbol of everlasting love.

Celtic Animals

Also popular for Celtic designs are the animals.

The animals are as complex as the Celtic knot, but instead of having eternal knots and loops, they end with animal heads, feet, and tails.

Some of the animals were inspired by medieval images and have a playful aura to them.

These Celtic designs can have a variety of meanings.

The Shamrock

The Shamrock is one of the oldest Celtic designs and is more commonly drawn as a symbol of good luck.

It can also signify excellence or even be a religious sign as the Holy Trinity.

Sometimes this simple design is accompanied with the words “Kiss me I’m Irish” to show Irish heritage and usually colored green.

All in all these tattoos are among the most widely sought after because of their beauty and symbolism.

When choosing a tattoo artist, make sure that he or she has had experience in Celtic tattoo design.

These celtic tattoos can be complex and are amazing when done with a steady hand.

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