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Celtic Cross Tattoos

Looking for Celtic cross tattoos?

Celtic knotwork is an intricate style of artwork, mostly associated with the monastic period of Ireland.

Manuscripts like the Book of Kells are filled with beautiful, complicated knots.

Other sources of Celtic knotwork include stone carvings and drawings.

Modernly, a Celtic cross refers to a cross surrounded by a circle, with knotwork confined inside it or making up the cross itself.

Celtic crosses are a very popular tattoo design, particularly on the bicep. Crosses tattoos are popular among those who wish to proudly display their Irish or Scottish heritage, as well as those who just enjoy beautiful knotwork designs.

However, you should be careful when choosing designs for Celtic tattoos.

There are some versions of this design, called “Odin's Cross,” that have been co-opted by white power groups.

By getting a Celtic cross of this design, you could be accidentally proclaiming opinions that you don't hold! Tattoos are permanent, so it's important to make sure that your tattoo means what you intend before you get it.

Otherwise, you may need to undergo costly tattoo removal processes, or have your tattoo inked over with another design. Fortunately, not all versions of Celtic crosses have racist associations.

There are plenty of designs for Celtic tattoos that are quite positive. People seeing a Celtic crosses may, however, assume that the owner of the tattoo is Christian.

Not everyone who has one of these tattoos is. Always keep in mind the possible reactions of people to your tattoo design before you get one.

That being said, Celtic knotwork has a long history of use, and is a very common motif in tattooing.

There are many people out there wearing Celtic tattoos.

Celtic tattoos must generally be inked at a fairly large size. This is because the level of detail required doesn't show up well when tattooed smaller.

Other than that, you have almost no restrictions on your Celtic cross tattoos.

These motifs look good in both color and black and white, and there's a lot of variation. This means you can feel free to design your own, ask your tattoo artist to modify a piece of pre-existing art, or even have custom Celtic cross tattoos made for you.

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