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Celebrity Tattoos

Looking for some celebrity tattoos?

Tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable in today’s society.

This is due largely to the fact that Hollywood celebrities are displaying their tattoos more openly then ever before. Actors such as Johnny Depp, and Vin Diesel each have incredible tattoos that you never see on the characters that they play in the movies that they star in.

Whereas Wesley Snipes incorporated his tribal tattoos in to his character when he starred in a few of his movies.

It is not only the male actors that are displaying tattoos. Female actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson and supermodels Kate Moss and Sarah O’Hare consider their tattoos more as body art than ordinary tattoos and display them proudly whenever they are in public.

Tattoos on women are not really that uncommon.

When you look back in the history of movies and especially music, women such as Janice Joplin way back in the 1960’s.

There are times when actors and actresses cannot display their tattoos, especially when they are filming a movie that tattoos do not fit the character.

At these times, make up artist paint the parts of the body that tattoos are located with flesh colored paint.

It may be necessary to apply several layers to be able to hide the vibrant colors.

Rock Stars

Many rock stars have had tattoos in order to gain notoriety. In Hollywood, the more publicity the better.

They have had their bodies tattooed in places that are highly visible. This in turn encourages their fans to get the same tattoos.

Hollywood influences the rest of the world. Ordinary people imitate celebrities in all manners of dress and style.

When ordinary people see ornate tattoos, they will get the same tattoo.

If you want to find out which tattoo a specific celebrity has, a simple Google search will yield you thousands of links to sites that have directories of celebrity tattoos.

These directories list thousands of actors and actresses who have tattoos and what type they have. They list where the tattoo is located and when the actor or actress got the tattoo.

It is incredible what you can find on the Internet about celebrity tattoo.

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