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Bird Tattoos

Looking for some awesome bird tattoos?

Certain animal tattoos have always held a special place in the world of body art.

When it comes to one of the most meaningful tattoos one may request, tattoos of birds rank high.

Over the years, this kind of tattoo has been associated with an assortment of cultures and religions that recognize the bird as a symbol of the spirit, as well as the soul.

Today, the significance attached to a tattoo that depicts the "spreading of the wings" or the ultimate freedom of being able to fly away is undeniable.

Brief History

Since the dawn of time, birds have been viewed as a symbol of strength and wisdom, as their ability to travel by air has been directly associated with the gods in many cultures.

In the past, it was not uncommon to view birds as the guides that transport the spirit of the dead into the heavens.

Ancient tales of birds seen faithfully by the side of heroes were viewed as beacons of hope, as they possessed the ability to fly ahead and alert warriors of impending danger.

Birds have also been linked to the supernatural, magic, and power as seen in the images sketched on the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs to the costumes of Native Americans.

The symbol of the bird is often depicted as uplifting, rejuvenating, and positive, which is probably why bird-like wings are found on well-known characters, such as angels and cherubs.

Different Types of Bird Tattoos

When it comes to inking a bird on your body, there are an infinite number of possibilities to consider.

Sometimes, a bird is paired with another animal at odds, which indicates the battle between good and evil.

To symbolize peace, some choose a dove with an olive branch. Others select two birds in a design in an effort to highlight the duality found in life and nature, such as light and darkness, or joy and sadness.

Crows and ravens are often used to pay homage to the dark side or display a simple affinity for Edgar Allen Poe. The Phoenix has been a historic symbol of Japanese tattooing just as much as the eagle shows American pride and loyalty.

The lovebird of Mexico signifies an undying love, while sea-faring individuals have often sided with the bluebird or sparrow.

Hummingbirds showcase a gentle, delicate nature and are often coupled with a colorful flower. Overall, there is truly no end to the imaginative designs associated with bird tattoos.

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