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Free Tattoo Designs

Where can you find free tattoo designs?

Do you feel totally lost on this one? No problem…

It’s like those commercials for erection pills say, it can happen to any one (apparently anyone in those commercials being creepy old dudes who throw footballs through swing tires or sit in a bathtub in the middle of a cornfield).

So don’t let it bum you out. You just need some time to look around at the different categories of tattoos and decide which one you want and then you can take this specific tattoo idea and find some free tattoo designs.

Your Options

Now you need to get acquainted with all of your options. Some you will immediately despise but that is a good thing.

Other ideas may seem less than interesting but you may want to keep them in the back of your mind so you can come back to them later.

So let’s narrow your choices down by looking at the different categories of designs: Animal tattoos, Hate tattoos (not recommended unless you live on a remote desert island), Biker tattoos, Blackwork, Biomechanical, Buddhist, Cartoons, Celtic, Chinese or Japanese, Christian, Death, Egyptian, Erotic, Fine Art, Floral, Hindu, Horror, Insect, Lettering, Luck, Maritime, Memorials, Military, Miscellaneous, Myth and Fantasy, Native American, New School, Occupational or Hobby, Old School, Pacific Northwest, Patriotic, Pinup Girl, Polynesian, Portrait, Prison, Religious, Tribal, Zodiac.

Videos of tattoo designs on the internet can also be a great place to discover more designs. Here are some Amazing Tattoo Videos For You To Watch.

Always keep in mind though, free tattoo designs are free for a reason (they’re probably completely void of anything interesting or unique).

So if you really want to see some incredible designs you may need to buy a membership to a tattoo database. It’s really worth it because…

A Tattoo Is Forever!

When choosing a design you must absolutely make sure you are choosing the right one.

Never get a tattoo thinking that somewhere down the line you may want to change it.

You may be able to with surgery but that will leave scarring (and who wants to undergo unnecessary surgery anyway?).

Always think of your choice in the terms of “it’s something you must live with for the rest of your life.” It should stand the test of time.

It shouldn’t be a fad or a fashion that may pass out of style in a few years and it should be something that will stay part of you no matter where you are in your own life (like how will it be looked at when you’re 70 years old? If it’s a picture of a donkey drinking Jack Daniels, you may look a little ridiculous).

Imagine your tattoo choice from your range of free designs when you’re 30 or applying for a job, or raising children, or trying to score with hot chicks…

It’s all very important to realize and understand.

So when evaluating and considering your choices from your free tattoo designs always keep one thing in mind… It’s very permanent!

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