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Tattoo Ideas

Where do you go for great tattoo ideas?

Check your local tattoo parlorís flash (or click here for a huge tattoo database).

Whatís a flash? Itís essentially tattoo design samples that are displayed on posters that cover the walls of a tattoo shop.

So there you are, looking at the flash (or at this huge tattoo database) and you just canít seem to find the tattoo ideas that best suit your personality.

You donít want the topless lady or the menacing, creeping black panther. You donít want any of the flower tattoos or the Celtic tribal tattoos. What do you do?

Tattoo Ideas Are Everywhere

When you walk into the tattoo shop you notice that tattoos are everywhere. Itís difficult to separate them out.

They seem to all converge into one single image and your vision begins to blur.

At this point just relax and take your time. Breathe deeply and relax.

Donít pass out! Simply examine as many tattoos individually as you can until you can focus on one you like.

You can also check certain websites for design ideas.

A website like Sexy Clothes where they have sexy lingerie, bikinis, thongs, bras and a lot more. While you look for ideas you can find quality and great prices for these items. Take a LOOK--You will be surprised at what you can find.

Then finally, you settle on one of the designs that has attracted your attention. Great!

Now just find a tattoo artist, point out the tattoo youíd like to get, and in a while youíll be ready to goÖ

Why The Flash, Man?

There are several reasons why, when looking for ideas of tattoos, you should stick with the flash at the tattoo parlor.

First and foremost is that flash art is very tattoo-able. Not all designs and not all art make for good tattoos.

Iím sure youíve seen some skin art that is hard to tell what it is.

You might even have to ask the person with the unrecognizable tattoo, ďexcuse me, sir (or madam), is that a tattoo of an Ox or Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls?Ē

Of course if the person you are asking is a much bigger person than yourself, at this point you may want to turn and run.

The second reason for picking a flash design is that the tattoo artist will probably have a lot of experience in tattooing those very designs.

The Downside DudeÖ

Finding your tattoos from a flash has a downside.

Itís not particularly original. And itís definitely not unique. Thereís a few people (maybe a whole lot) who already have that design.

If you donít care, then who cares? Pick one anyway.

But if you want your tattoo to be individual and something unique and special that only you display then you may want to rethink getting your tattoo ideas from a flash.

Another great option is to simply work with the tattoo artist and come up with a unique design.

This way you know he or she will be comfortable doing it and it will also be a work of art unique to you and only you.

These are some ideas about coming up with tattoo ideas. There are many other ways (like browsing this website or browsing this insanely huge tattoo database).

Just look around, decide what makes you special, and try and interpret that into a design, symbol, or actual picture.

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is an important part of the tattooing process.

If this step fails to be properly followed, all of the artist's hard work will have been for nothing.

Make sure to ask for proper aftercare from your artist. You can also learn about proper and effective aftercare for your tattoo by clicking here Tattoo Aftercare.

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