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Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo placements, especially for women.

This is a broad area of the body that takes ink well without much pain.

The lower back also doesn't change shape with weight gain and loss or muscle mass changes as much as other areas, like the arms or chest.

This makes it a good place to get a tattoo, since your ink will stick with you long after your body has changed shape.

The Downsides

However, there are some downsides to having these tattoos.

On women, this placement is sometimes derogatorily called a “tramp stamp.” This is due to the perception of these tattoos as sexy, or as advertisements of partial nudity.

While a lot of people do find this tattoo placement highly attractive, there will always be a minority that view it as not so attractive.

Interestingly, men with these tattoos aren't subject to this view, despite the fact that well placed lower back tattoos can be highly attractive, both on men and women.

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The Designs

Since the lower back is a large, generally flat area, it's great for bigger designs with a lot of detail.

Flash designs straight out of the book, such as kanji, tribal tattoos, and wings, are very popular.

However, choosing a lower back design out of a flash book with no modifications almost ensures that someone else will be walking around with the same tattoo you will.

Instead of going with the generic design, see if the tattoo artist will be willing to make some minor modifications.

Most are happy to do this, and it'll ensure that your tattoo is unique.

Think About It

When choosing from designs for these tattoos, make sure you think long and hard.

A tattoo, once you get it, is there to stay.

A simple search for “lower back tattoos” will turn up a number of images.

You can look at other people's designs, see how they've worn over time, and decide what design elements you'd like to have tattooed on your body.

Remember to select your artist carefully as well – this is one time not to haggle over the price! A cheap tattoo artist is usually not as skilled as a more expensive one.

You'll want the best tattoo you can get, since your back tattoos will stay with you forever.

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