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Lower Back Tribal Tattoos

Lower back tribal tattoos are gaining in popularity among all ages men, woman and teens alike. Bold and striking they catch the eye, drawing you in with the beauty of simplicity.

This simplicity can say much about the wearer.

Many female associations are using this type of tattoo to identify its members or groups such as pagans or other religious groups using the symbology unique to their own community.

Worldwide, lower back tattoos are also considered of the sensual nature, bringing a raw primitive energy to its visual appeal, one of the reasons of its growing popularity today.

The word “tribal” means community, so in this case choosing the back tribal tattoo great care should be taken in the choice you make as it could identify you with particular group of people.

For example the kokopelli may give the appearance you have a Native American heritage, or even a Celtic design of some sort signifying an Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry.

And while black is the predominant color used in this type of tattoo, any color or color blending can be used signifying each individual design.

When looking for a back tribal tattoo pattern, the internet has a vast resource on not only the symbols or designs to be used but of the color importance as well.

Historical records from your local library can also offer some ideas if you are looking for just the right symbolism to fit your particular need.

One of the more interesting designs are those of animals also know as a Zoomorphic design, of Celtic tradition, expertly created by some new age tattoo artists.

An example of this being the yin and yang symbol, the tiger and dragon intertwined using the loops and spirals making them spectacular lower back tribal tattoos.

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