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Dragon Tattoos

Looking for Dragon tattoos?

If you are thinking about a tattoo that represents values like courage, honor and strength, it won't take you too long before you find yourself looking at images of dragons.

Tattoos of dragons are extremely popular and there are plenty of reasons why.

From their sinuous design to the many different things that they represent to different people, dragons have a lot to offer in the way of a personal statement.

Dragons are extremely prevalent in both Eastern and Western art, and it is no coincidence that dragon tattoos can be found almost everywhere you go.

In the East, tattoos of dragons can represent wisdom and strength; dragons are considered to be divine protectors of the emperor as well as life-giving water bringers.

In the West, dragons can represent barbarous power and savagery.

The dragon has a long history of evil in the West and is associated with the devil.

One popular tattoo features the Archangel Michael spearing a dragon in a classic representation of good triumphing over evil.

If you like the look of these tattoos, you should think about what they might mean to you. Think about your memories involving dragons and think about why you might want to immortalize one on your skin.

They are powerful statements and you should think hard about what kind of dragon you want. Are you celebrating part of your culture or your history? Are you more fascinated by the protectors from the East or do you have more of an interest in the savagery of traditional western dragons.

When designing your tattoo, think about the placement.

Dragons can be extraordinarily detailed and to truly capture the image that you want, the tattoo itself might have to be fairly large; if the tattoo is too small, a lot of the detail can be lost and you might see find that blurring becomes a problem.

When you are thinking about dragon tattoos, think about where on your body you want it.

The flat of your shoulder blade or the small of your back might be perfect for the angular Western dragons, while the sinuous curve of your hip or your arm might be perfect for the more serpentine Eastern dragon.

If you are thinking of Eastern tattoos of dragons, you are joining a long tradition of men and women who have transformed their bodies into works of art. Once primarily the domain of Japanese organized crime, tattoos have achieved a renaissance of sorts in Japan.

When taking a look at these tattoos, keep an eye out for which factors you want on it.

Do you want the pearl of wisdom on your dragons head?

Do you prefer the five clawed dragon that represents Chinese royalty? All this and more are questions that you need to ask.

When you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you are thinking about getting something that will be with you for your entire life.

Don't make this choice lightly and if you are interested in dragon tattoos, make sure that you go to your artist and ask what he thinks of the design.

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