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Tattoo Designs Are Modern Day Art...

Why this website about tattoo designs?

Why choose this site over the many other tattoo based sites on the web?

Oh, lots of reasons reallyÖ

But the main reason is the enormous collection of information about tattoos and their many designs that have been collected and put together here...

Just for you.

You can find a huge array of information and more about all kinds of specific designs here at this site.

What You Need To Know

You need to know as much information as possible before you buy a tattoo because, as you already know, getting a tattoo is a major decision.

And you donít want to make the wrong choice.

Itís a costly decision and a bad one can be permanent.

You definitely want to (or at least should want to) do your homework before setting out to be inked.

So here you have with all the information, resources, facts, pictures, recommendations and more exhaustively collected for you to help you make this all-important decision.

So, What Is A Tattoo Exactly?

A tattoo is an indelible mark fixed up the body by inserting pigment under the skinÖ

Iím sure you know thatÖ

There has been a whole lotta speculation about how tattoos and tattoo designs came about.

The contemporary meaning of the word tattoo, according to Merriam-Webster, originated in 1777, when it was entered into the dictionary.

The concept of tattoo designs itself, or leaving an indelible mark on the skin, has many different supposed origins. Some believe it originated in South America with the practice of scarification. Another supposed origin is Africa where many Africans tattooed themselves by introducing a black substance under the skin to cause a raised scar.

Tattoos and their designs are the children of human creativity. It is a consciously applied decoration that reflects the spirit of its owner. Itís part of an individuals identity.

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Tattoo Designs Blog
Tattoo Designs blog lets you know what's new with and the world of tattoos.

The Best Tattoo Galleries On Internet
Collected here are the internet's best tattoo galleries.

Cross Tattoos
There are many different types and designs of cross tattoos to choose from.

Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world.

Lower Back Tattoos
Lower back tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo locations for women.

Heart Tattoos
Heart Tattoos are often displays of love or emotion and are very popular designs.

Free Tattoo Designs
Finding free tattoo designs is not as easy as you would think. Some suck, some don't.

Fairy Tattoos
Fairy Tattoos are new designs and becoming increasingly popular.

Chinese Tattoos
Chinese tattoos were once used to tattoo criminals, now they are a mainstream favorite.

Angel Tattoos
Angel tattoos are representative of a connection to a higher power with beauty and hope.

Celebrity Tattoos
Celebrity tattoos are becoming increasingly visible as celebrities themselves are more frequenlty showing them off.

Flower Tattoos
Symbols of beauty and growth, flower tattoos symbolize many personal feelings and attitudes.

Tribal Tattoos
Dating back centuries, tribal tattoos have very deep and complex meanings.

Skull Tattoos
Skull tattoos are a sybmol of danger a symbol of being a rebel.

Superman Tattoo Pics
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman tattoo pics!

Dragon Tattoos
Dragon tattoos represent strength, honor, and courage.

Butterfly Tattoos
Beautiful butterfly tattoos represent youth, beauty, rebirth, and change.

Animal Tattoos
Some of the most popular tattoos on Earth are animal tattoos.

Tattoo Ideas
Looking for tattoo ideas? We got all kinds!

Tattoo Removal
There are many ways to handle tattoo removal.

Bird Tattoos
Bird Tattoos are symbolic of strength, success, freedom and have been linked to supernatural, magic, and power.

Tattoo Videos
Looking for tattoo videos including intructions, tutorials, or just displaying designs?

Astrological Tattoos
Astrological tattoos are symbols of birth signs and represent the many different characteristics of these signs.

Star Tattoos
Associated with hopes, dreams, and ambitions, star tattoos are beautiful.

Tattoo Picture Gallery
This tattoo picture gallery has great tattoo pictures with links to more great galleries.

Search Modern Tattoo Designs
Search Modern Tattoo Designs for anything tattoo related.

Japanese Tattoo
The Japanese tattoo dates back to the earliest Japanese settlements and can represent anything and everything.