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Heart Tattoos

Have you been thinking about heart tattoos?

Tattoos are often on display as a means of expression, either in personal expression or at time as an expression of love or memory of or for someone else.

On the other hand, there are tattoo enthusiasts who display these artworks over their entire bodies as though they are a canvas for an artist.

The symbol of the heart has been on display for thousands of years as many ancient cultures revere the heart as the center of intuition and intellect, a spiritual center or depths of emotion.


A heart can symbolize many different things for many different people.

For instance, for some the heart may represent pleasure or pain as well as unity, dignity and even separation for some individuals.

The heart has been trendy for years, especially with men as they express their own thoughts and feelings with displaying such heart tattoos in honor of their mother, sweetheart and even their children.

Some many choose small delicate hearts that are concealable under clothing while working, whereas others may proudly display their heart as big and bold as they wish to wear and share with the world around them.

Finding The Right Design

You can find an almost endless supply of heart while thumbing through the tattoo catalogs of a tattoo artist or you can search for them online.

On the other hand, if you or someone you know is artistically talented, you can even draw your own heart, and then take it to your tattoo artist and they can use it for your personal heart pattern.

Some hearts are beautifully simplistic while other tattoos may be intricately detailed and personalized. Hearts can offer a multitude of colors from which to choose, or you can pick a different color than that which is on display in a catalog or online.

Different Types Of Designs

What types of hearts are there, from which to choose?

There are many different types of heart tattoos, however keep in mind that their personalization is what really makes your own heart tattoo unique.

Some of the different types of hearts may include some of these; however keep in mind that is just a small list of those, which are available to you.

- Family Heart

Normally these display in an expression of the love you have for your family members, such as your parents, siblings and children. Some of these heart types would be the palms of two hands holding a heart or a heart with your loved ones name written within the heart; then again, a heart displayed with a white rose along with a loved ones name is used.

- Romantic Heart

These types of tattoos symbolize romantic feelings of love, such as any color of heart you choose, hearts and red roses, hearts pierced by swords or daggers, cupid and his arrows.

- Betrayed Heart

These types of heart tattoos express a lost love of some form, such as a broken or shattered heart, hearts and tears, bleeding or stabbed hearts as well as a solid black heart.

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