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Heart and Love Tattoos

For countless years, heart and love tattoos have remained at the top of the list as one of the most popular types of tattoo designs for both men and women alike.

The heart, the universal symbol of love and affection, has stood the test of time and has come to indicate a wide variety of meanings.

The Different Types and Meanings

Hearts with wings: Hearts with wings are often meant to symbolize a free spirit.

Hearts and arrows: Heart tattoos often involve arrows in reference to Cupid or Eros, the Greek god of love.

Religious hearts: The sacred heart is a common tattoo that symbolizes the divine love and devotion of oneís religious beliefs.

The broken heart: The symbol for the loss of love, a broken heart is one of the most popular types of designs of hearts and love.

The bleeding heart: Bleeding heart tattoos indicate a lost or unrequited love.

Hearts with daggers: Hearts tattooed with daggers may symbolize betrayal or even bravery as this type of tattoo was once rather popular with soldiers during wartime.

Placement Ideas and Tips

1. Choose wisely.

Unfortunately, thereís always the chance that heart and love tattoos will outlast the relationship they stood for.

While a tattoo may last forever, we donít necessarily have that guarantee when it comes to love.

Although many people also choose to have a heart tattoo with a family memberís name or the name of a loved one who has passed away.

Many lovers also choose matching tattoos, each with the otherís name tattooed somewhere within the heart design.

Another popular tattoo for couples is getting a small heart with their belovedís name tattooed onto their ring fingers, in place of the traditional wedding ring.

2. Be unique and creative.

While thereís definitely no shortage of heart and love designs, take the time to either find a truly unique image, or create your own using several different designs combined into one special tattoo that will be exclusive to you.

Using just a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless for creating a one of a kind heart tattoo with varying colors and shadings.

3. Men tend to choose their upper arms or bicep as a place for heart and love designs, often incorporating other decorative elements such as daggers, swords, flames, or hearts encompassed in tribal designs.

4. Females usually choose to have heart and love tattoos put on their chest, shoulders, lower back, ankles, or arms.

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