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Star Tattoos

When looking at star tattoos you must note that the most notable aspect of a star is that it exudes light.

Iím sure youíre very aware of this. If not, go back to school.

Many of the examples of stars that you may find when deciding on this particular design for a tattoo are those stars painted on churches, caverns, tombs or other places where they would be painted on the ceiling.

Their place in the night sky as symbols of beauty is often their association with hopes, dreams, and inspirations. And with past cultures they represent the souls of those who have passed on and now live in the heavenly night sky. They figure into many ancient cultures and religions of great importance also.

Types Of Star Tattoos

There are many different styles of this tattoo.

It is done as a straightforward, five pointed star with radiating beams of light.

It is also done as something more abstract, as if seen through a thick glass.

But the aspect that normally is present for all of these tattoos is that it is done in bright yellow.

Considering The Tattoo

If you are choosing a tattoo and the design gives you pause, then it should. There are certain things you must visualize when choosing the perfect tattoo for yourself.

Imagine that tattoo on your body forever, as years roll by, and how it will or could effect the things around you!

Iím talking about seeing your star design choice, day in and day out, for the rest of your life!

As one example, if your tattoo will be easily visible in a short-sleeved shirt, located perhaps on your forearm, imagine listening to strangers asking you about it and having a conversation about it, every day or even two or three times a day.

This is very important and you should consider it when browsing different star designs.

Finding Star Tattoos

Some people have the star tattoo in some shape or form since they were young and thatís that.

Letís say, that for the sake of argument, that the symbol is the Star of David, which is a hexagram that has been associated with Judaism and the Jewish kingdom for 2,000 years and today appears on the flag of Israel.

For these people, they waited all of their young lives to be of tattoo-able age and always envisioned the Star of David as their tattoo symbol.

Or maybe there are others that have gathered star symbols all their life and have come to the point where a tattoo is an attractive thought.

So there is no question in their minds that the Star of David or an image of one of the stars the other has collected will be the imaged they are going to choose as their tattoo. These people are enviable as they have their design essentially chosen for them.

These people are also extremely rare.

Our Advice for finding star tattoos for yourself (if your not one of the people just mentioned) then you should visit or call your local tattoo parlor and ask if they have a star design flash.

You could also purchase (usually for a very reasonable fee) a membership to a tattoo database where you can find literally thousands of star tattoos to choose from.

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