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Star Tattoo Design

If youíve decided on getting some type of star tattoo design for your next tattoo, you certainly wonít have limited ideas to choose from.

Stars can be drawn in such a wide variety of styles and are easily incorporated into just about any type of tattoo.

Some of the most popular tattoos featuring stars are:

Celestial designs: Stars are often accompanied in tattoo designs by the signs of the Zodiac, or other celestial images such as the sun, moon, clouds and planets.

Nautical themed: Nautical star designs date back to the days when sailors looked to the heavens for guidance and used the stars a navigational tool.

Religious: Depending on the number of points, a design of a star tattoo may symbolize different faiths including Judaism, Christianity, and Wicca.

Patriotic: The five pointed star that is filled in with color, similar to those seen on the US flag, is a widely popular design of a star tattoo design with timeless appeal.

Some people choose an elaborately drawn patriotic theme while others opt for a smaller design.

Shooting stars: Popular because they may symbolize hopes of fame or stardom, the shooting star tattoo can be done in a variety of ways.

Shooting stars also look good on different parts on the body such as the ankle, leg, back, abdomen, or shoulders.

Top 5 Reasons for Getting a Star Tattoo Design

5. Simplistic yet distinctive: Most types of stars are relatively simple for tattoo artists to design and are often done freehand style for a truly unique touch. Star tattoos are usually inexpensive and also easy to change or add to.

4. Variety of styles: Whether itís celestial scene, a nautical design, or just a simple, solitary star, there are countless styles and a tremendous variety of star designs to choose from. Itís also easy to create your own special design thatís meaningful to you by using some type of star tattoo.

3. Color choices: With a star design, the color choices are virtually endless. A star tattoo can fit in with any type of color scheme and are always easy to add to other tattoos.

2. Symbolism: Stars, depending upon factors such as the number of points they have or how they are drawn or colored in, may stand for many different meanings and individual interpretation.

1. Unisex designs: Any type of star tattoo design may be suitable for either males or females since they have such a universal appea

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