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Star Tattoo Ideas

The limitless possibilities of the design and meaning of star tattoo ideas has catapulted this particular option into a popular selection for both newbies and repeat tattoo customers.

Since the typical design of the star is relatively small, it easily fits any place on the body.

The flexibility of ideas of star tattoos also accommodates larger designs, such as a cluster of multiple patterns.

Overall, the star signifies hope, freedom, dreams, and many other significant associations.

Ideas for star tattoos have always found a place in history, playing an important role in expressing mystical, astrological, religious, and cultural loyalties.

Some of the most well known star ideas center on the Pentagram (five-pointed star), the Nautical Star (five-pointed star), the Hexagram or Star of David (six-pointed star), and even a nine-pointed selection called a Nonagram.

In Celtic lore, the Pentagram was a sign of magicians and storytellers, which symbolized balance and protection. Some people also choose a five-pointed star tattoo to represent the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and spirit.

Six-pointed stars have always served as a strong symbol of Jewish culture, where the Star of David represents six days of the week with the center signifying the Sabbath. The history of the hexagram is rather deep, as it is traced back to the early bronze period (3000 BC).

The mystical link to the number seven is seen in the Septagram, which also holds a connection to Hindu chakras.

An enthusiast of fairies and elves will especially like the 7-pointed star ideas because it is known as the "fairy star."

This is also the star worn by sheriffs and other law enforcement professionals. Additionally, the number seven has always been seen as a lucky or magical digit, as seen with the Seven Wonders of the World and seven colors of the rainbow.

Ancient Egyptians used the Octogram (eight-pointed star) as a symbol of fullness and rebirth, where the star is known to also represent the Knights of Malta and gained popularity during the Crusades.

Nine-pointed stars signify achievement and stability. The Nonogram is associated with the nine Taoist kanji psychic centers.

Star tattoo ideas are plastered on bulletin boards and portfolios at local tattoo shops.

The Internet is also a good place to seek inspiration. Plenty of websites focus on star tattoo ideas, as well as showcase some of the popular designs on the arms and legs of musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

Sometimes, you can gather creative ideas just by scanning tattoo-related magazines and television shows, such as Miami Ink.

Bottom line, there are endless star tattoo ideas.

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