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Rose Heart Tattoos

Looking for rose heart tattoos?

Perhaps one of the most popular tattoos amongst lovers or those who love deeply are Rose Hearts.

As a pledge of love, the rose and heart combined can speak volumes about the person wearing it to the person, place or thing it is representing.

It can come in every color of the rainbow, mixing and matching both the color of the heart a traditional red, to the color of the rose which conveys the different emotions of the wearer.

Finding the right Rose Heart to express your feelings can be as easy as going to the local grocers as many of the vending machines companies are now carrying them, to the world of the internet with the many thousands of sites and galleries from which to choose.

Still canít found what you are looking for?

Try sketching an outline of one yourself or if you are not that inclined check with your local tattoo artist or even a local college student with some great drawing experience.

Finding the right style and size is as important as the colors you choose.

Whatís in a color?

When looking for that perfect tattoo of rose heart this should be given as much consideration, as colors convey a meaning of emotion that need no words.

For example, a black rose with a red heart can represent death of a loved one, or a coral rose that shows desire, to the deep red that stands for beauty.

Knowing the colors of specific roses can also help to determine how your tattoo will be placed on the body.

Though often seen on woman and young girls, the tattoo of a Rose Heart can be found on many menís arms showing their love and devotion be it for a mate, lover or child or even the more popular ďlove momĒ used by the younger males.

For girls and women, rose heart tattoos can be found in all sizes and shapes from the breast area and hips to the ankle and lower back making them a sexy first tattoo.

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