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Butterfly Tattoo Lower Back

Since the 1990s, no other tattoo has gained popularity faster with young girls then the Butterfly tattoo lower back.

Current fashion trends of low cut jeans to midriff shirts or belly shirts makes this a great tattoo emphasizing the female bodies shape and contour.

Its other attributes include in this area of the body, the least amount of warping and distortion of the tattoo due to weight gain and aging.

The beauty of the butterfly tattoo on the lower back is as individual as the girl or woman who wears it.

The butterfly has many mystical associations connected to it, some likening them to fairy wings and when placed on the lower back it can allow glimpses of your own personal sensual nature, the color and shape unique only to you, showing your own personal style and flair for life.

This tattoo is also a great choice when in the work or school environment, as it can be hidden just by your choice of clothing or displayed when you are out and wanting to be seen.

The butterfly tattoo on the lower back is not only for girls and woman, but many new age men are also making their own statement showing their affinity with Mother Nature and the use of bold and striking colors or softly blending hues.

On the internet there are literally thousands of pictures to choose from with as many web sites geared to this type of tattoo.

And donít forget your local tattoo artist who can help you choose the style right for you.

Many tattoo artists today are specializing in this type of tattoo as each is as unique as the contours of your body.

You can even find some design ideas or one you like in the vending machines in your local grocery store.

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