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Foot Tattoo Design

Looking for a foot tattoo design?

Men and women love getting tattoos on every part of their bodies.

In fact, one of the most popular tattoos is the foot tattoo. This is a place that can easily be hidden, and it's something new and unique, and different from the usual arm or back tattoos.

Women love getting a foot tattoo design that will look great when they wear flip flops or sandals, and men love getting them as well. There is a foot tattoo design for every kind of person.

People normally get tattoos to express some feeling or belief that they have.

The same thing goes with foot tattoos.

Some of the most popular include the star, fairy, cherries, tribal designs, butterflies, or paw prints.

In fact, I once saw a foot design where a woman had a star on every one of her toes.

While there are many popular foot designs, here are a few tips if you are considering getting a foot tattoo.

First of all, you should opt for a tattoo that means something to you personally, not just something that is stereotypical.

This way, you won't grow bored with the tattoo, or be unhappy with it.

Some people who go to a shop and decide then and there what they are going to get, end up being unhappy with their choice because there was little or no personal meaning in the tattoo.

You can find a foot design on the internet, at a tattoo shop near you, or even in tattoo magazines.

You should research tattoo designs before you decide on anything so that you can make sure you have chosen something you won't regret later.

Think about a small tattoo that you would like to have, but that means something special to you.

Remember as well, that a foot tattoo may hurt more than others because the feet are so bony.

Take someone with you for support, and make sure you eat something before you go and get your foot tattoo design!

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