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Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Thinking about lower back tattoo designs?

Just before the turn of the century, the fashion trends shifted to sexy, low-rise jeans and midriff baring crop tops, making way for what is now one of the most popular locations for tattoos, especially for females, the lower back.

Lower back tattoo designs are centered in the small of the back, drawing attention to the curvature of the female body.

Easily hidden with your work attire, lower back designs are the ideal location for a flirty accent to your play clothes.

As with any tattoo, selecting the right look from the millions of designs of lower back tattoos available can be a difficult decision.

Tattoo removal is quite costly and nearly a quarter of all those who have been tattooed later regret it, so it is important to take the time to find the design that is right for you.

There are magazines and a variety of websites that offer lower back designs and images. You can also view different designs at most tattoo shops.

The best looking designs of lower back tattoos are typically symmetrical designs or small images that can be easily centered in the small of the back.

These tattoos may be very simple, black and white designs or extremely detailed with several colors.

The important thing is to choose a lower back design that is somehow significant to you and your life, a design that you will still be happy with many years from now.

Once you have decided on the general look you desire, find several different variations of the idea and take at least two or three of your favorite lower back designs with you when you visit the tattoo shop.

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to spend a great deal of time lying on your stomach.

Depending on the size of your lower back design and how detailed it is, the process could take over an hour.

This area is sensitive for the first week or two because it is so near the waistline, so take care to dress loosely until the tattoo has healed.

The popularity of lower back tattoo designs has opened many new doors for the tattoo industry.

Some tattoo shops specialize in lower back designs to appeal to a new clientele, the average, modern day female.

Whether you choose a simple fairy, a complex tribal design, or a symbolic tattoo that matches your spouses, lower back tattoo designs are a fashionable way to make a statement about what is meaningful to you, while accentuating your feminine figure, and the possibilities for your tattoo design are endless.

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