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Penguin Tattoo

Looking for a beautiful penguin tattoo?

The flightless penguin is yet another bird that is finding its way into many different types of interesting tattoo designs.

Birds in general have always been popular choices for tattoos since they convey so many varied meanings and are steeped in centuries of symbolism.

Some people choose to have their tattoo of a penguin designed to resemble the logos of different sports teams such as the Pittsburgh Penguins, or even as cuddly cartoon characters, such as Chilly Willy complete with his red hat and mittens, or the penguin in the Linux logo.

There are more elaborate tattoos that show penguins floating on three-dimensional icebergs, or in front of igloos, while others may choose to design their own from a compilation of ideas and images.

Depending on the size of the completed design, penguins can look great just about anywhere on the body you choose.

For smaller designs, of course it’s better to choose an area such as the arm, chest, hip, ankle, or calf.

Although it may seem that you’d be limited by mostly black and white colors when choosing to have a penguin tattoo, there are actually 17 different kinds of penguins to choose from, which opens up several interesting color choices.

The Royal penguin features an orange beak with brightly colored yellow feathers atop its head.

In Australia and New Zealand is the smallest of all penguins, the Fairy penguin, which is often called “Little Blue” since it looks as if they’re wearing the most gorgeous blue tuxedos.

The Emperor penguin, perhaps the most recognizable of all, has black eyes, bright orange and yellow spots around their throat and ears, and a beak that’s a deep purple with an orange stripe.

Penguins are often mistakenly thought to only have black eyes, when in reality they may also have red, brown, or yellowish eyes.

The internet is an excellent resource to find penguin tattoo flash art or pictures of real penguins to model your design after.

Of course, your tattoo artist may have several images to choose from, or they may work with you to create a one-of-a-kind design.

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