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Christian Cross Tattoos

Thinking of Christian Cross Tattoos?

For Christians, there is no symbol more sacred to their faith than the cross.

Many Christians love showing the world that they are saved and redeemed by the work done on the cross so they are finding new and unique ways to do just that.

Having Cross tattoos applied somewhere on their body seems to be a perfect fit and it is a much different way of expressing your faith then the standard cross pendant on a chain.

The designs and styles of tattoos of Christian Crosses are endless and only limited by the tattoos artist's imagination.

Many choose just a plain simple cross whereas others go for more eye catching intricate designs.

There are several types of Cross tattoos that are very popular, for example, one type is a rendering of Jesus Christ still on the cross.

Others choose a design that incorporates other well known Christian symbols like the dove that landed on Christ's shoulder when he was baptized.

Tattoos of Christian Crosses can be made very personal by adding a bible verse that you love either circling it or strategically placed on the cross itself.

Many Christians are also beginning to use a Celtic cross because of the more intricate design.

The trend with most Christians is to have their cross tattoos done on their upper arm, near their ankle, or on the shoulder.

Christians use Cross tattoos for two basic purposes. One reason is so every time they see their tattoo they are reminded of what Jesus Christ did for them on the cross.

The second reason is it is an effective tool for starting a conversation and being able to evangelize to others about Jesus and what he did for us, with anyone who asks about it.

Having a tattoo of a Christian Cross lets people know that you a Christian and you are proud of it. Remember to make sure that the person/s doing your tattoo is reputable and experienced in Christian cross tattoos.

You should also check with your local health department and make sure that they are up to code and practicing proper safety precautions.

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