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Celtic Design Tattoos

Thinking of Celtic design tattoos?

There is nothing with quite as much history, mystery, and myth as the Celtic Heritage.

The Celts were a wise and religious people, although there was very little written history about Celtic people.

At one time, all of Europe was Celtic.

The artwork of the Celtic people was filled with elaborate knotted designs.

The secret of their knots is that there was no end.

The perfect knot is never-ending, unless the loose end is displayed as zoomorphic or a spiral.

People get Celtic tattoos these days to proudly display their Celtic or Irish heritage.

A lot of the designs of celtic tattoos feature knot work.

There are countless varieties of these knots. It can be a simple knot design or a knot in the shape of animals, symbols, etc.

Another reason many people get designs of celtic tattoos is to celebrate their religion.

There are many US Americans who have taken on the Celtic religion beliefs. Those people often proudly display their beliefs with tattoos of Celtic designs.

The Celtic cross is perhaps the most famous of all Celtic tattoos.

This is because it was the earliest art form that featured both Pagan and Christian symbols.

It included the Sun, and respect for the four elements along with the symbol of Christianity. This is one of many designs of Celtic tattoos that are extremely popular.

Whether you're celebrating the union of conflicting religions, or the Celtic tradition, this is a great tattoo for you.

Celtic tattoos are very beautiful, and can be done with lots of vivid colors and designs.

You can also get a simple black and white one. As with most tattoos, it depends on your personality.

They also feature animals a lot.

This is because the Celtic people had a love for animals, and considered them special.

The Celtic 'Tree of Life' is also among the popular designs of Celtic design tattoos.

This features branches which grow out and come back down to make the roots and they are interlaced in the traditional Celtic way.

Celtic design tattoos are a great way to show off a proud heritage, religion, or just for the beauty of the never-ending knots.

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