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Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Celtic Butterfly tattoos are amongst the most beautiful and intricate of all tattoos.

In ancient times, the Celtics, Irish, Scottish and Welsh peoples, were renowned for their artistic talents when it came to weaving these intricate patterns into a beautiful masterpiece, no two alike, each unique as there are thousands of species of butterflies.

So are the size, shape and colors, each individual as are those who choose to wear them upon their bodies.

The butterfly has a rich and symbolic meaning, going through 4 stages of life starting as an egg, they then become the caterpillar, which in turn makes a cocoon or chrysalis of which they will then emerge into life as the adult butterfly.

The final part of the butterfly’s life is only two weeks long, brief and beautiful it shows our fragility of life as a human being.

In the ancient societies this was seen as the souls own journey from an earthbound body to a spiritual one.

In modern day, Celtic Butterflies are most often chosen by woman of various ages and backgrounds who see in them the representation of freedom and the beauty of life.

From the colors chosen to the size of the tattoo, it’s all in personal choice of what we see ourselves to be or wish to become.

Finding a tattoo of a Celtic Butterfly can take some time depending in the intricacy of the design to picking the right colors.

The internet is a valuable resource usually showing a picture to help in choosing as is a local tattoo artist.

Placement of a Celtic Butterfly can be as varied as the butterfly chosen.

One of the more popular trends of young woman is on the lower back, arms upper back and shoulders, ankles and at the breast area.

In older women of the ancient Celtic religions still alive today, including Wicca, Paganism and Druidism, Celtic Butterfly tattoos represent the continuation of life, death and rebirth.

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