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Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

Celtic Cross tattoo designs are one of the best known Celtic designs in the world of tattooing today.

The ancient pagan societies of the Irish, Scottish and Welsh believed wearing this particular design would protect them from their enemies in battle.

Steeped in a rich tradition, the intertwining loops and spirals were a link between their everyday physical lives, and those of their spiritual beliefs.

Making them very personal in making their own design or depicting tribal affiliations, they were worn with much pride and displayed prominently on the body.

Due to the elaborateness of the Celtic Cross designs, creating them requires knowledge and talent of an experienced tattooist.

Time and patience are also factors when considering a tattoo of this nature, symbolizing life and death unending, the weaving of the spiral loops can be a slow and lets be honest here, a painful experience, though worth it, to wear this unique and beautiful tattoo that is thousands of years old.

In today’s society it is found most often on the arm, though can be displayed anywhere on the body.

When considering a Celtic Cross design, research should be done carefully and attention paid to the limitless designs that can be found from all over the world.

With the explosion of web sites on the internet to the discreet back alleys of tattoo parlors, one can literally find this particular tattoo in every color and size, black being the most popular color.

However, color can play a significant part in what one is trying to express to themselves or to the world, so a bit of research into the meaning of colors can also be helpful, these can be found in many books or search engines online.

The Celtic Cross tattoo design signifies the warrior, whose courage and bravery lives on all throughout the years of history of these brave and noble people.

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