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Aquarius Tattoos

Looking for some Aquarius tattoos?

Is your birthday between January 21 and February 19? If it is then your Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

The well known symbol for this Zodiac is the Water Bearer. If you happen to be looking for an idea for a tattoo why not go in for your Zodiac?

Many people choose to get a tattoo that is personal and representative of themselves. Therefore the birth sign fits into this role perfectly.

Aquarians are reputed for their good sense of humor and for their kindness - great qualities in a friend. However, Aquarians are not overly social and therefore have an exclusive network of close friends.

Therefore friendship can be symbolized by Aquarius tattoos and be complemented by a heart or any image that represents caring.

This is because Aquarians are generally caring.

They are also known to be very charming, caring and very calm. In fact, when it comes to tattoo colors, those that suggest calmness work best for Aquarians.

A popular choice is light blue. This color is easily associated with water and the image usually has some connection with water any way.

Flower designs are always popular among women and as the dandelion is known to be one of the official Aquarius plants it is a popular choice.

If you are looking to recreate your astrological sign you can replicate the designs you see in internet images or in magazines. You may want to provide your tattoo artist with a sketch yourself.

By bringing all this you will be able to provide the tattoo artist with the inspiration he or she will need to make this tattoo personal and yours entirely - rather than select from a standard set of images.

After all you would rather have a customized tattoo rather than see your design on everybody else. Aquarians are known to be original and unique.

A tattoo is meant to highlight your more positive characteristics. That is why, as an Aquarian, you should posit yourself as an original, artistic and humanitarian person. Your uniqueness and originality is supplemented by your tolerance and kindness.

There are things about the Aquarius zodiac you may not with to highlight and that is a sense of unpredictableness and a temper. Choose the designs of your Aquarius tattoos well.

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