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Butterfly Tattoo Designs

If you know much of anything about tattoos, you probably know how popular butterfly tattoo designs are these days.

Look around you at the beach, and you will see them frozen in flight on someone's lower back, leg, shoulder, or wherever they have decided would be a good spot for their winged friend.

If you flip through a tattoo magazine, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a few good ones in there, if not more.

Why are they so popular?


Butterfly tattoo designs are a great way to get a bright, colorful tattoo.

There is a multitude of colors that someone could go with.

From flaming orange to a subdued purple, a butterfly tattoo can come in any color.

People who love butterflies and color just put two and two together, and come out with an inked up butterfly.

The bright colors and patterns especially draw women, because it's an amazing way to add in your own unique elements in a tattoo, and it's easy to express yourself with the different colors and styles.


There are more than 25,000 different types of butterflies, so when people get butterfly tattoos, they are able to choose the style, color, and the way you want it to look.

You are not limited the way you are with other types of tattoos.

This is one reason that butterfly tattoos are so popular.

People like having creative freedom, whether it's in their art or in the tattoo they will be getting.


Symbolism is another reason that so many people want butterfly tattoos.

The butterfly comes from the caterpillar, and this symbolizes change, a rebirth, and transformation.

People who have just gone through a divorce or an illness that they have beaten, can identify with the butterfly.

This is why a lot of people get them. From the difficulties they have experienced, they have emerged and been transformed into something more beautiful and wise.

Also, a butterfly tattoo can symbolize 'rising above.' If someone has dealt with a particularly difficult situation, and was able to rise above the situation, they might be tempted to get a butterfly.

This would signify that they had been 'there' and back, and came out a new person and a more beautiful person.

This is a great symbolism to have and a lot of people who are recovering addicts are attracted to butterfly tattoo designs.

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