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Dragonfly Tattoo

Looking for a Dragonfly Tattoo?

Tattoos are very popular these days.

From insanely good tattoo artists popping up all over the place to popular television shows that document tattoo shops, it's plain to see that tattooing isn't leaving anytime soon.

While tattooing is popular with both sexes, women especially love feminine, colorful and symbolic tattoos.

There are many favorites among women, but the tattoo of a dragonfly is one of the best.

In Japan, for centuries the dragonfly has been considered good luck.

When there were a lot of dragonflies about in harvest season, it was said that it would be a good crop year.

They would paint the dragonfly on pottery, and there are many songs and poems about the dragonfly.

This symbolism is shared throughout the world. A dragonfly design can symbolize luck, and good fortune.

Have you ever heard that if a dragonfly lands on you, it's good luck?

Well, some people decide to have the tattoo of a dragonfly as a symbol of luck, and since he's landed permanently, perhaps they'll have quite a bit of good luck!

The dragonfly is very feminine, while at the same time, the dragonfly is regarded as tireless and full of stamina.

A woman who never gives up, who fights on through whatever kind of battles she may be fighting may decide to get a tattoo of a dragonfly.

It's a wonderful tattoo to celebrate the achievement of goals, or making it through something particularly difficult.

While the dragonfly is feminine, that doesn't mean that men can't get one. As stated above, a dragonfly tattoo can symbolize stamina, and masculine qualities as well.

One great thing about a dragonfly design is the variety of choices of colors and effects.

This is a wonderful challenge and opportunity for a tattoo artist, because of the amount of color, blending and technique that is needed to create a beautiful dragonfly.

Color choices are amazing, from deep purples and blues to amazing hues of green and emerald.

A dragonfly tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos you can get, and with the luck they're supposed to bring, hey, what could it hurt?

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