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Frog Tattoos

Thinking about frog tattoos?

When it comes to selecting a tattoo design, some people already know what they want before they reach the tattoo parlor while others need time to think about an image that is representative of their spirit, dreams, and aspirations.

This important choice is often a personal reflection of your life and future, and many times a tattoo may have no meaning at all.

Animal tattoos are quite popular and are chosen for various reasons, including their meaning or a simple affinity.

Today, tattoos of frogs are one of those creatures that provides a wide range of possibilities.

Why Frog Tattoos?

Frog designs have held a special place in the world of body art because of their natural ability to cover great lengths with a single leap.

Frogs are colorful and allow tattoo artists to use a rainbow of colors or add decorative embellishments, such as spots, stripes, or a tie-dye effect.

The playfulness and shape of frog legs also gives way to an array of different frog designs.

Throughout history, the frog has been a long respected animal known for its powers of healing.

Designs of frog tattoos also signify a peaceful change and are used as a reference and representation of adaptive qualities.

Tattoos of frogs do not always stick with the varying shades of green typically associated with the creature, as in nature there are amazing shades of frog colors.

A few commonly selected colors for tattoos of frogs include purple and red. Bright shades of yellow make popular accent colors. Often, the frog in a tattoo is accompanied by another image, such as a lily pad, flowers, or butterflies.

The Meaning of Frog Designs

Tattoos of frog designs possess cultural meaning, as those connected to an animal clan saw the frog as a teacher of sorts.

Viewed as a lunar creature linked to water the frog also can make a home on land where this versatility and resilience sometimes shows through in tattoo designs.

As a cold-blooded creature, the frog is comprised of intensely sensitive skin, which shamans have always viewed as magical.

In various cultures, the frog is attached to thoughts regarding the capacity to jump from one state of consciousness to another.

In regards to ancient Egyptian worship, there was even a goddess named Heket. Frog tattoos also serve as a symbol of generation, rebirth, and fertility.

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