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Gemini Tattoos

Interested in Gemini tattoos?

Gemini (the twins) is the third Zodiac sign in the calendar year. If you are born between May 21 and June 20 then your sign is Gemini and if you're looking for a tattoo then what could be better than your Zodiac sign?

What does your sign reveal about you?

You are quick-witted and intelligent and have the ability to see two different angles to every story. Your multitasking abilities, though, may result in you not actually getting much done.

You are naturally curious (and want to know how long the tattoo lasts) and also skilled at communication. The problem with this is that Geminis have a tendency toward gossip.

Gemini signs and symbols make for very nice, and therefore, popular design. Tribal and Celtic versions of tattoos of Geminis are also popular.

While sometimes the Gemini is depicted by an image of two children holding hands you also have alternatives like the man and woman or a pair of lovers as in the case of a Coptic Zodiac.

You can choose your own preferred design sitting at home. The internet is a great resource and you'll have no trouble finding Gemini design art online.

You might initially gravitate towards the free designs but these are not always good and are very inferior compared to the better ones that you need to purchase.

On finding the perfect design for yourself you need to purchase it.

The galleries have Gemini designs in a wide range of styles such as old school or new school and an incredible range of colors like red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, violet as well as black and white or even black and gray.

The tattoo of your choice can be tattooed as an armband or put on your lower or upper back, ankles, chest, shoulders or pretty much anywhere on your body.

By purchasing these designs you will be supporting the artists and spurring them onto more work that you can later use.

You should choose powerful and energetic designs for your tattoo. You will find Gemini symbols in combinations with other design elements like certain flowers, hearts, skulls, crosses, heavenly bodies and fairies.

The Tribal Swan tattoo, combined with the Pink Flower Belly Button Ring is something that will bring out your traditional side.

Check out the applications page to satisfy your curiosity about the longevity of these temporary Gemini tattoos.

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