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Japanese Dragon Tattoos

If you have made up your mind to sport Japanese Dragon Tattoos, you really have fine taste.

Born from the language called Greek, the word “draca” means serpent and dragon emerged in the English language as a close relative.

In depiction, there is a lot of reference to dragons as being symbolic and an integral part of mystical tales.

From Egypt to Japan, the dragon has indeed traveled a long distance.

However, it is important to note that the Japanese tattoos aren’t the same as the others.

To the untrained eye, this may seem just as the others.

There are six forms of Japanese dragons.

The Japanese dragon doesn’t have an opened mouth or an aggressive posture.

With an object that resembles a ball or maybe a rare jewel, the dragon holds it in its claws. This is shown in the form or design of a closed-lotus that can be found on any of the Buddhist designs.

The spiritual echo of the universe resonates through the dragon tattoo that symbolizes its power over everything, be it planetary movements or the natural elements.

According to the Chinese, however, there are nine types of dragons.

These are called Oriental Dragons.

For the Chinese, the number nine is believed to be very lucky.

The nine dragons are the horned dragon, the celestial dragon, the spiritual dragon, the winged dragon, the dragon of hidden treasures, the coiling dragon, the yellow dragon, and the dragon king.

As you may have guessed, each of these Chinese dragons are associated with a special attribute.

But interestingly, though they have so many powers, all the dragons are deaf. Yes, buddy, your heard right. The most powerful Oriental Dragons are deaf. and are completely deaf.

Let’s get back to our discussion on Japanese Dragon Tattoo. This tattoo is so richly beautiful and mystical to look at.

The belief is that this tattoo brings freedom, wealth, good fortune, luck and much more great qualities to the wearer.

Like the concept that is usually linked with a guardian angel, the Japanese Dragon is believed to symbolize such a bond of guardianship.

The dragon occupies a great, mystical wisdom in the Japanese culture. Let’s hope that the Japanese dragon tattoo brings protection and good luck to you.

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