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Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos

Looking for Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos?

The Koi fish (also known as the carp) is regarded as a symbol of advancement and worldly aspiration in Japan.

Legend has it that if a koi fish crosses the falls by going up them at a certain point on the Yellow river then it becomes a dragon.

Other qualities of the koi are strength and resolve in the face of adversity, courage and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

It is also associated with good fortune.

Hence Japanese Fish tattoos are perfect for most people.

In Buddhism the Koi fish represents courage. Many people like the idea of tattoos with Buddhist origins.

Just as the koi swim through water we humans swim through the ocean of suffering.

It is also symbolic of family and on Children’s Day flags with Koi fish on them are flown.

If you are looking for colors for your Koi fish tattoos you could go in for the color schemes these flags have.

The black Koi is for fathers. Either orange or red represent the mother. Blue or white are for boys while either pink or red represent girls.

A koi tattoo can be representative of a variety of things – what will matter are things like color, the direction the fish are swimming and the number of fish you have on.

For example five golden koi together is a symbol of eternal well being and wealth.

In general the koi fish is associated with plain and simple luck and ambition.

Japanese Koi fish tattoos can also represent love for the other sex or for a particular person.

Both words ‘ai’ and ‘koi’ translate as love in English as well.

While the former is more a general feeling of love koi is more selfish. The pronunciation is a little different – it is a bit more nuanced.

Whatever you wish to represent these tattoos are a great choice if you are looking for something Eastern.

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