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Japanese Samurai Tattoo

All over the world, Japanese samurai tattoos are regarded as symbolic and vibrant.

Traced back to active use for the last 10,000 years, the Japanese tattoos traveled through tough times but now it is a fashion fad of sorts. Today the majority of fashion conscious youths prefer to sport Japanese tattoos because of its rich imagery, religious overtones, use of vibrant colors and much more.

Interestingly, the Japanese history is full of contradictions about tattoos. History shows that tattoos were not acceptable to the respectable people in the society and was considered to violate the Japanese ideals. In fact, the rulers known as Shoguns used tattoos as a means of identifying and punishing criminals.

This trend of negativity paved way to positive outcome in 1821. During this time, samurais began to be depicted. One can safely state that it brought the era of the modern Japanese tattoo.

The term “Samurai” has special meaning because it indicates the historic importance of what was known as military nobility in Japan during the pre-industrial period. The term 'samurai' can be traced to the Japanese verb known as 'saburau' which literally means 'to serve'. Simply put, a samurai is the servant of a lord.

The Samurais represented the warrior class of ancient Japan. A code of strict conduct governed their way of life which is why Samurais had tattoos. They had tattoos across the backs so a lot of tattoo lovers opt for the same kind of style. True, it is trendy but beyond looking trendy, it also impacts a wearer’s overall personality.

But do keep in mind that when you decide to get yourself a Japanese samurai tattoo, it is bound to truly hurt. An area where you may experience more pain is around the ribs, the hands, and the feet.

So be mentally and physically prepared to suffer some pain. Be aware that tattoos tend to sting for an hour after it is done.

There is also possibility that it may be a little inflamed for a few more days but it will heal quickly so don’t worry too much about it.

No doubt, Japanese samurai tattoos are the coolest tattoos that you can opt for. As the Japanese style is so full of color and richness, it is going to get you noticed in the best way.

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