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Japanese Writing Tattoo

Looking for a Japanese Writing Tattoo?

Archaeological evidence tells us that the Japanese had tattoos over 2000 years before Christ.

While it was not exactly a favorable practice in the culture it has remained for millennia.

As tattoos are normally created using words, images and numbers independently or in combination a tattoo of Japanese writing makes good sense as these can be very symbolic.

Japanese tattoos go by the names Horimono and Irezumi.

They are generally rather attractive to look at.

But it can be rather complicated to create one as well as it is for anyone to understand it at all.

The reason for this is that the Japanese language is a collection of symbols that represents certain general concepts or sounds.

There is no alphabet (in the sense we understand) in the Japanese language.

You should have a basic idea of writing styles and Japanese characters to direct you towards saying the right thing on your body.

It would help if you could find someone who has a good grounding in the Japanese language and its attached symbolism.

If you want to go in for a tattoo of Japanese writing here are some things you ought to know.

First, Japanese writing can be separated into three groups of characters:

The Katana is a series of sharp and somewhat masculine characters. These were developed by Buddhist monks.

They represent sounds and therefore must be grouped together for any real meaning to be achieved.

Hiragana is another group of character, this time developed by women of the Heian period.

This group is a little more feminine and, like katana, represents sounds. The third kind is also the most popular –Kanji.

Kanji actually has been adopted by Japan though it has Chinese origins. These are the simples to use in tattoos as characters are used to represent concepts such as love, courage, peace, etc.

Second, you must be aware of the different styles. You can have your Japanese writing tattoo is Kaisho (block style), Gyousho (cursive) and Sousho (extremely cursive style).

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