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Koi Fish Tattoos

Looking for Koi Fish Tattoos?

Many of the popular tattoos of today are throwbacks from older ones, with bright vivid color added.

Tattoo artists love taking things that someone has already done, and improving them, or creating them in a different style.

That's where the hot, popular tattoos of today mostly come from. Tattoos of Koi fish are one of those kinds of tattoos.

Koi tattoos are usually Japanese in design and color.

Japanese mythology says that Koi fish swim against the current.

This is one reason people get Koi tattoos.

Swimming against the current can be symbolic of being rebellious, getting through a tough time, and other things like this.

Koi are a symbol of determination, vigor and strength.

They swim in rough waters to spawn, and this is part of the reason that they are such a great symbol of strength.

It's also a great sign of ambition and achievement, as an old legend told that any Koi who succeeding in climbing the falls at a certain place in Japan would be transformed into a dragon.

This is a great symbol, and ambitious people love tattoos of Koi fish.

Men get Koi tattoos on their backs, arms, chests and legs, and women normally get them on their lower backs.

Usually, tattoos of Koi fish include some sort of water that the fish are in, and this can be incorporated with the tattoo to make it larger or more colorful.

One popular type of Koi tattoo is to have the fish inked in some sort of tribal design.

This is a great one for men, since it's more masculine.

Koi fish have long been loved by people all over the world.

While some are building elaborate backyard ponds and keeping Koi fish as pets, some of them are going to their favorite tattoo artist and requesting that a Koi fish be put on their bodies.

Tattoos of a Koi fish are wonderful no matter what walk of life you are from. Whether you're a rebel, or someone who is ambitious, strong and wise, Koi fish tattoos are a great option for you.

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