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Koi Tattoo

Looking for a Koi tattoo?

Koi fish are considered lucky in many Oriental cultures. This is for several reasons.

The first is that they are thought to swim upstream against the current in order to reach spawning areas.

This makes them great symbols of strength and luck.

There was also an old tale about a particular Koi stream, where the Koi who made it up the waterfall would be turned into a king.

There are rich tales associated with the Koi fish.

Many people look for a koi fish tattoo when deciding on a great tattoo that symbolizes strength and luck.

A koi fish design is usually placed on the back or arm of a man.

Normally, with men, the colors will be bright reds and oranges.

Often, the koi fish design also includes some type of watery background.

Men often get this tattoo if they feel they are stronger either emotionally or physically than other men.

Women often love their koi fish tattoo design to be placed on their lower back.

Feminine colors such as purple and blues are usually incorporated into the design.

At one point, mostly men got tattoos of koi fish, but as women are continually feeling stronger and more independent, they are loving these tattoos as well.

There are tons of these designs to be found on the web, and most likely you will be able to find a great koi design at your local tattoo shop.

These designs are often made to wrap around the arm so that the fish's body seems to be twisting as he swims through the water.

The most recent form of design of koi fish is the fighter fish. These tattoos are filled with fiery colors like rust and goldenrod.

The koi tattoo design is a favorite of the past, and looks to be a favorite of the future as well.

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