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Sun Sign Leo Tattoos

Looking for the astrological sun sign Leo tattoos?

The astrological sun sign Leo, originated in the West, is absorbed by the Sun from the period of 23rd July to the 22nd of August in the zodiac of the tropic, and from 17th August to the 16th of September in the ‘sidereal’ zodiac, a period in which the sun sign Leo approximates and configures the Sun.

In the former zodiac, the association of Leo lies with maximum intensity of the heat of the Sun in the summer of the Northern hemisphere.

In the latter, it is under the belief of the Lion of Nyman which was murdered by Heracles at a time when he was on a journey of his 12 labors, and was eventually entered in the sky.

Leo is generally seen surrounded with fire, and its sun sign (along with Sagittarius and Aries) is symbolical to a fire. These 3 are referred to as Fire Signs. Along with Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, Leo is also a Fixed Sign.

This fire can be attributed to the effect of the Sun. The priest of Egypt, Petosiris, along with his follower Nechepso, preached that when the Earth was created, the rise of the Sun was close to Denebola, so Leo is considered the “Domicilium Solis” which is the allegory of heat and fire and is often known as the sun’s resident.

Every single sign of the astrology is allocated a body part, which is its power’s base. The sun sign Leo is considered the ruler of the heart and the spine.

Leo occupies the fifth position among the zodiac signs. Characterized by an oval, with a tail which first rises and then curves down, it reminds of some signs of the Sun, and the pictorial representation of Leo is thus formed as a Lion.

As Leo is bind along with the Northern hemisphere’s summer and its association lies with fire and strong heat, so the ones that take birth in this sun sign possess some characteristics of psychology which are reminiscent with to such pictures.

The characteristics of Leo tattoos include a strong power and will, high ambition and a good outlook to life; though at some crucial stages they become quite aggressive, much of a personal opinion to the extent of being intolerable.

So if your sun sign is Leo, then it goes without saying that you are full of force, very exacting and breathe fire, though this can be in sharp contrast going by your extremely benevolent attitude.

The quality that differentiates you with other sun signs is your dignified worth and integrated genuineness.

Tattoo Design Suggested To You

As you appreciate being talked about everywhere, bold tattoos on arms make a delight. In such a case, an ideal option is the recent Barbed Band of the tribe.

Also, your sun sign sizes are inclined at an angle and are on a flow which is akin to this particular blueprint.

The colors suited for Leo tattoos are red and gold and thus, it would be ideal to use the design of the passion of China which would gel well with the given designed and would fulfill your wish of being the centre of attention.

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