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Pisces Tattoos

Looking for the sign of the Pisces tattoos?

The sign of Pisces, from Western Astrology is present as a tropical Zodiac Sign, between 19th February and 20th March, as well as the Sidereal Zodiac Sign, between 15th of March and the 13th of April.

Pisces is one of the Mutable signs, besides Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius and is associated with the constellation of Pisces. Pisces is a Water Sign, being aligned with the natural element of Water.

There has been some debate among astrologers whether the sign was under the influence of Jupiter (the conventional line of thought) or Neptune, although the latter is generally accepted now.

In case of Venus Pisces stands for exaltation and all things good but in case of Mercury it symbolizes a fall or a detrimental effect. A fish is the official symbol of this Sign.

Water is incompatible with Fire, since fire makes it boil, and air, which makes it evaporate but its union with earth only helps to take its proper course.

As a sign of Mutability, a holistic outlook, adaptability and ingenuity are symbolized by Pisces. Being a Water sign essentially, Pisces is also linked to development, emotional capacity and identification.

Conventional Astrologers claim that those who belong to this sign are mystical in their approach, sensitive to their surroundings as well as creative. The sign influences the spirit and governs the feet in the human body.

The symbol of Pisces tattoos:

Pisces, the sign comes right before Spring and the Vernal equinox, being the last sign of the Zodiac, the final twelfth sign of the Zodiac.

The symbol looks like parentheses, one on right and then the left, with a tear which separates them and connects the two in the middle portion.

The conventional depiction of the sign is as a pair of fish, joined at the mouth by a cord of some sort and aligned next to each other, thus depicting as a sign which relates to the entirety of the human race.

People born under this sign are therefore generally interested in all things spiritual and are instinctive. The negative trait this sign endows is a tendency toward secrecy and being vague and hazy.

If you are a Piscean then you should like extremely to be allowed to take your own time in doing things.

But not being allowed to do what you want makes you irritable and feel claustrophobic. Many people tell you their secrets especially since you seem easy to speak to and have general sensitivity.

Tattoo designs we would suggest for you:

You are quick to adjust to your surroundings and styles so it is important to consider picking a tattoo which will suit your setting.

Pisces may be ruled by fish but a Dolphin would be more stylish so go check out the section on Dolphin tattoos in the page on Creatures.

The colors associated with your Sun sign are purple, silver, green and all other dark and lush shades.

When choosing a tattoo remember to be make full use of your powers of imagination and give free reign to all your wishful fantasies.

The Tribal rose tattoo and Chinese one are particularly suited toward unification and merging into your environment with regards to Pisces Tattoos.

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