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Tribal Sun Tattoos

Since the early 1990s, tribal sun tattoos have been gaining momentum in popularity.

They look good, plain and simple. From the ancient cultures of old, the sun itself meant life, without it, man would die and crops shrivel.

The sun has played a pivotal role in many tribes throughout history their center of existence worshiping it, showing it honor.

When considering tattoos of tribal suns, placement on the body is crucial in determining the size and style one is going to use.

Since most tribal tattoos have large amounts of black ink, these tattoos can be placed on the stomach, shoulders or back.

Careful placement on the lower back would allow the most flexibility as far as weight gain and aging keeping your tattoos shape throughout your life without to much noticeable distortion.

Tattoos of tribal suns history can be dated back as long as man can remember, most notably in this day and age are the ancient pagan Celtic religions and the Native Americans marking their tribes from the youngest child to the men and woman showing the origin of their tribe to the social status of those in the tribe.

Rites of passage can also play a role in this particular tattoo, from the transformation of a boy to a man, or a girl to a woman.

Tattoos of tribal suns also have an association with healing, in magic and also protection giving the wearer a sense of strength and ancestral history.

When looking for the Sun tattoo many internet web sites have information if you are looking for a specific sun pattern of an ancient people or maybe something new, modern and trendy appeals more to your taste.

Your local tattoo artist can also help in choosing just the right size and shape for your own unique body shape he or she can also assist in choosing the right tribal sun tattoos that best fits your lifestyle and personal taste.

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