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Lion Tattoo

Looking for a lion tattoo?

Tattoos are really great at expressing what we feel, believe, or think.

I mean, what better way is there than to get something permanently etched on your skin in ink?

Certain tattoos carry a definitive meaning and have done so for ages. Tattoos of lions are one of these.

The lion is a symbolic meaning of many different things.

Here is some great information on tattoos of lions and what they might mean.

For centuries, the lion has been thought of as the king. He is the king of the jungle, the king of all beasts.

In religious circles, especially in early Christianity, Jesus Christ was the king of all kings. This might inspire someone to get a tattoo of a lion.

The lion would be a symbol for Jesus, the king. Many people do get this, with some sort of cross or other religious symbol.

A tattoo of a lion doesn’t have to be religious, though, and someone who feels as if they are the 'king,' might get a lion tattoo to symbolize that feeling.

Lions were used for centuries as a sign or symbol of royalty. The wealthy would utilize this symbol, and it would be absurd for the peasants to try and use the lion.

He was also placed on family crests, which are still popular.

As well as being associated with 'kingliness,' the lion symbolizes pride. Someone who is proud to be a part of a particular family might get a family crest with tattoos of lions surrounding it, on either sides, or one lion somewhere in the tattoo.

A tattoo of a lion can be realistically colored, or they can feature any color you want. They can be winged lions, the entire body, the head.

There are just so many options you can choose.

Some other things that tattoos of a lion stand for are: Justice, Truth, Strength and Wisdom, Power, and Enlightenment. The lion has long been thought of as a protector and loyal guardian.

Tattoos of lions are beautiful no matter what type they are. A lion has wisdom in his eyes, and a slow elegance that is unmatched by any other type of animal or tattoo.

The lion tattoo reflects a quietly wise type of person, a leader, someone who puts family above all else, and someone with a great deal of heart and courage.

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