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Tribal Rose Tattoos

Tribal Rose Tattoos

Tribal Rose Tattoos have been around for centuries and are as popular as ever today. Tribal tattoos cut all boundaries such as time, creed, race, sex and age.

The rose has always been associated with two parts of life, love and death.

It was the Greeks of ancient time that believed the very first rose was created by Chloris, the goddess of flowers happened upon a wood nymph that was dying so Chloris turned her into a flower.

The goddess Aphrodite gave the flower it’s beauty and Dionysus gave the flower its scent.

It is also believed that the rose was originally white, until Aprhordite pricked her finger on a thorn and her blood dripped on the rose and that is why we have red roses.

The goddesses gave us beauty, love, intoxication and death all in one beautiful flower.

It is no wonder then why it means so much to us.

The rose tattoo can mean so many things and can be represented in any number of phases. The positioning of the tattoo of tribal roses also has meaning.

If the rose is placed in a private spot that only your lover will see then the rose holds to it’s oldest meaning of secrecy.

The color of your rose tattoo also says a lot. This was started by the Victorians who had a language of flowers.

Each color of the bloom meant something different and they would tell those they admired how they felt simply by the color of the flower that they sent.

While you can see from looking around at those that have a rose tattoo that red is the most popular color as that it represents love, romance, courage and beauty there is an entire array of colors and each has their own meaning.

For example the blue rose is becoming the second most popular rose and it represents mystery and the journey to achieve the impossible.

As that there are no naturally occurring blue roses, there is a legend that says the blue rose, if found can magically grant your wishes or restore your youth.

Here are some other colors to consider when thinking about getting a tattoo of a tribal rose or understanding what another is saying with theirs.

• White – spiritual love, secrecy, purity
• Yellow – joy, gladness, devotion
• Coral – desire
• Light peach – modesty
• Orange – fascination
• Yellow and white together – passionate thoughts

As always when you are looking at getting a tribal rose tattoo it is important that it means something to you.

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